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Welcome to Teen Talks: Empowering Youth Voices!

Are you ready to be a part of something incredible? Discover Teen Talks, a dynamic program designed to meet the unmet needs of today's youth.

Our Inspiration:
Founded by Officer Eddie Hawkins, a dedicated school resource officer in the Cincinnati Police Department Youth Services Division, Teen Talks emerged from a profound need. The loss of a 2020 Cincinnati Police Cadet to gun violence ignited Officer Hawkins' determination to create a haven for young individuals like her. This tragic event touched our hearts, and from it, Teen Talks was born.

A Place of Support:
Guided by the motto "Village Mindset," we offer a safe space for young minds to flourish. We recognized the importance of addressing youth concerns in a nontraditional way. Teen Talks provides a judgment-free zone where they can openly discuss their thoughts and emotions. We encourage dialogue on everything – from personal challenges to school and community matters.

Our Three Pillars: Self-Discovery, Self-Care, Conflict Resolution
Teen Talks centers around three vital areas: Self-Discovery, Self-Care, and Conflict Resolution. These pillars are essential for nurturing well-rounded, empowered individuals.

Empowering Saturdays

Our Saturdays are dedicated to self-care, physical fitness, coping skills, and conflict resolution training. We also dive into entrepreneurship opportunities, helping young minds unearth their potential and capitalize on their gifts.


We're more than just a program; we're a community. We collaborate with the Victims of a Crime Advocacy Program and the Explorer Program, extending our reach to their youth participants. Our commitment is to forge enduring relationships with youth, both past and present.

engaging sessions

Join us on the first and third Tuesday for sessions tailored to young ladies, and on the second and fourth Wednesday for young men. These sessions encourage candid conversations, connecting participants with peers and trusted adults.


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7373 Brookecrest Drive, Suite 346
Cincinnati, OH 45237

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