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Brenda Madison to the East College Tour 2024
Mar 23–30, 2024

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Our Team.


At No Excuses College Tours and Programs, we're dedicated to empowering youth through a range of engaging and transformative programs. Our carefully curated offerings are designed to cultivate personal growth, encourage teamwork, and address the unique challenges young individuals face in today's world. Explore the following programs that cater to diverse interests and developmental needs:

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Captain Kimberly Williams Children In Trauma Intervention Camp

Captain Kimberly Williams Children In Trauma Intervention Camp is a 7-week program that encourages, motivates, and challenges youth, ages 10 through 13 to excel. This camp develops their social-emotional skills, strengthens their resiliency to deal with trauma effectively,  and teaches them respect for themselves and others.


Dive Right

DIVE RIGHT is a Program of No Excuses College Tours and Programs that uses the power of Sports and dialogue to address cycles of violence and trauma, & explore ways to improve the quality of life, and empower and heal the community. DIVE RIGHT is a partnership with, Catalyst Training, Cincinnati Police Department, Hamilton County Juvenile Court, Black Art Speaks, Cincinnati Police Activities League, Super Seeds, and Cincinnati Recreation Commission

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Teen Talks

Teen Talks is a revolutionary program born out of the unmet needs of today's youth. Developed by Officer Eddie Hawkins, a dedicated member of the Cincinnati Police Department Youth Services Division, Teen Talks addresses the challenges young people face in a rapidly changing world.

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about the tour

Join the No Excuses College Tours & Programs as we will visit the country's premier private and public colleges and universities. Scholarships and fundraising opportunities are available. Each package includes day and night hotel accommodations, charter bus transportation, daily breakfast, 1 to 10 chaperon ratio, and nighttime security. College visits will include meetings with college admissions officials and educators.

Our comprehensive trip package includes a 7-day and night hotel stay, comfortable charter bus transportation, engaging campus tours, daily breakfast, valuable meetings with college admission officials, and dedicated nighttime security for your peace of mind. We provide ongoing support with monthly transition meetings, a student workbook, scholarship research assistance, guidance on ACT and SAT test dates and registration requirements, as well as expert advice on the Common Application process and HBCU Common Application process. Stay informed with our weekly scholarship information updates and financial guidance. You'll receive weekly text message reminders and monthly homework assignments to keep you on track. Our ACT and SAT prep consultant ensures you're well-prepared, and we provide regular updates on community engagement and community service opportunities. We're committed to your successful college journey.

Please take a few minutes to read the bio of our founder and learn about the inspiration and vision that NEX College Tours has for educating the minds of people everywhere.


Date: March 23, 2024 - March 30, 2024

Trip Cost:

  • $900 Total
    • The amount includes a $200 registration fee. 

  • Monthly Payments Available

Trip Include:

  • 7 Day & Night Hotel Accommodations

  • Charter Bus-Transportation

  • Campus Tours

  • Breakfast Daily

  • Meetings with College Admission officials

  • Nighttime Security

  • Monthly Transition Meetings

  • Student Workbook

  • Scholarship research

  • ACT & SAT test, date and registration requirements

  • Common Application process

  • HBCU Common Application process

  • Weekly scholarship information update

  • Finances and College

  • Weekly text message reminders

  • Monthly homework assignments

  • ACT and SAT prep consultant

  • Monthly updates on community engagement community service opportunities

Schools Include:

  1. Howard University

  2. Morgan State University

  3. Bowie University

  4. Hampton University

  5. Norfolk University

  6. Winston Salem State University

  7. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  8. Duke University

  9. North Carolina Central University

  10. North Carolina A&T University

  11. Morehouse College

  12. Clark Atlanta University

  13. Spelman College


  • Registration deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE for the below dates:

  • Non-refundable Amount: $200.00 Total Amount for this Date: $200.00

  • Non-refundable Amount: $350.00 Total Amount for this Date: $550.00

  • Non-refundable Amount: $350.00 Total Amount for this Date: $900.00

the schools

We visit the country's premier Private and Public Colleges and Universities.




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